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What is Cross Trade Freight? | Goya Route Planner

What is Cross Trade Freight? | Goya Route Planning

One of the important applications of the logistics sector is Cross Trade transportation. This method of transport is also touted as cross shipping. It means that the products purchased in the free zone or from a company or warehouse located abroad are sold to a different place through the country where cross-trade takes place.

What Does Cross Trade Transport Mean?

Cross-trade is the sale of a product from one country to another without becoming a national good or entering the customs area of that country. Cross-Trade transportation, on the other hand, is a form of trade. Technically, it does not fit the definition of real export and import. The most important point that distinguishes it from other logistics applications is that there is no need for a customs declaration.

While doing Cross Trade transportation, the area where the sold goods are shipped is not important until they are delivered to the buyer. It is sufficient to arrange the shipping documents according to the legislation of the countries where the goods are entered and exited. Cross-trade company can be specified as the buyer in the contract drawn up to the supplier during the loading of the goods with Cross-Trade transportation.

What Advantages Does Cross Trade Transport Offer? #Route Planner

In recent years, innovations have been included in the field of international trade. The fact that companies operate outside of their geographical location is one of them. With this mode of transportation, companies are easily offered all the logistics opportunities they may need in order to gain a place in global markets and to develop. Thus, the probability of the company to take place in the international market increases. Cross Trade transportation brings the following advantages:

· Low logistics cost: When cross-trade transportation, products are shipped independently from the supplier's country to the buyer's location. Therefore, you do not need to supply the product to your office first and then send it to the buyer. This helps you save on logistics costs.

· Faster shipping time: With Cross Trade logistics, it is possible to realize the transportation process quickly. At the same time, you will get rid of the tax and customs complexity that must be applied in two different countries during trade.

· Possibility of being active in the global market: It is very important for companies to take part in the global market in order to grow and increase their profit rates. With Cross Trade transportation, you have to be active in the global market. #Route Planner

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