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Fast, Smart, Efficient Route Optimization

Route Optimization From Mobile and Web

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Mobile Goya Route Planner and Route Optimization
Mobile Goya Route Planner and Route Optimization
Mobile Route Planner

Mobile Route Planner

Goya Route Planner App Store Download Link
Goya Route Planner Google Play Store Download Link

Optimize Your Route!

With Goya Route Planner, the ultimate route planner, tailor your journey uniquely to your vehicle, choosing from diverse options like car, truck, bicycle, pedestrian, or motorcycle. Embrace the power of route optimization: Goya uses real-time traffic data to avoid congested areas, ensuring you reach your destination on time, every time. This route planner adapts to your business needs, allowing you to customize routes for efficiency and safety.

Assign plans to your staff and follow them!

With Goya Route Planner's live tracking feature, you can monitor your staff's route in real time after planning. This route optimization tool enables you to precisely track where your staff are and their estimated arrival times at various points. Leveraging the power of a sophisticated route planner, the live tracking capability not only enhances customer satisfaction but also boosts your staff's productivity.

Create a Plan Without Using Toll Roads

Goya Route Planning's innovative 'Using Toll Roads' feature enhances route optimization by empowering users to manage costs and tailor routes within their budget. As a sophisticated route planner, it automatically navigates around tolls and bridges, offering a more economical travel experience. Ideal for both frequent travelers and those mindful of expenses, this feature redefines budget-friendly travel.

Add Stops with Camera

Goya Route Planning's cutting-edge camera stop adding feature revolutionizes route planning, making it more effective and intuitive. As a part of its advanced route optimization tools, this feature enables users to seamlessly scan and add stops using their camera, integrating them directly into their route plans. This provides a swift and visual route planning experience, eliminating the need for manual entries and enhancing the convenience of trip planning.

Web Rout Planner
Optimize your logistics operations with Goya Mobile Route Planner. Our mobile-friendly, fast, and smart solution will expedite your delivery processes, reduce fuel costs, and enhance customer satisfaction. Easily handle route planning and optimization with Goya and achieve success.

GOYA Web Route Planner

Plan and Optimize Your Route. Save Time and Fuel

Multimodal Route Planner

Goya Route Planner stands out as a versatile route planner, enabling the identification of optimal routes for diverse transportation modes, including cars, trucks, bicycles, pedestrians, and motorcycles, customized for your specific vehicle type. This route optimization tool smartly navigates around traffic, ensuring timely and safe arrivals. Moreover, it offers the flexibility to tailor your route to meet the unique requirements of your business.

Automatically import stops

Efficiently transfer data using e-spreadsheets, whether you're adding stops manually on our map, uploading your Excel data with ease, or automating your workflow through integration. These route planner features, designed to save time and resources, not only maximize your business's efficiency but also enhance customer satisfaction through route optimization.

Dynamic Route Management with Live Tracking

With Goya Route Planner, seamlessly monitor your staff's itineraries in real-time through our live tracking feature, a cornerstone of route optimization. This powerful tool provides instant updates on your employees' locations and tracks their estimated times of arrival. Embracing this route planner functionality not only boosts team efficiency but also significantly enhances customer satisfaction, enabling dynamic management of every aspect of your business operations.

Proof Of Delivery

In the realm of modern delivery, the verification and documentation of each delivery is pivotal. Our route planner solution simplifies this with features allowing you to capture delivery moments via photo or electronic signature. Instantly recorded, these details provide real-time, tangible proof to customers and management alike, elevating route optimization. This functionality not only enhances transparency but also bolsters customer trust. With our tool, sharing these proofs throughout the delivery process is effortless, ensuring a smooth and dependable experience.

Plan your route ahead of time

Effortlessly organize your routes for a clear insight into driver activities, enhancing your daily operational planning

Offer customers up-to-the-minute estimated arrival times

Effortlessly disseminate your driver’s current position, journey details, and expected time of arrival with just one click. Say goodbye to communication breakdowns and continuous phone calls

Establish direct communication channels with your drivers

Need to converse with your drivers during their route? Use the Goya Route Planner messaging feature to request updates, share documents, and clarify their queries

Initiate your journeys right from the premises of your depot or store

Input all your store data into Goya, designate drivers for each location and outline their service zones, and receive tailored routes originating directly from each store.

Continuous, real-time assistance available 24/7

Encountering issues with Goya Route Planner? Our live support is here to address every question and grasp your needs more effectively

Mark your frequently visited stops as favorites

Input all your store details into goya route planner, allocate drivers to these locations, outline their delivery zones, and generate tailored routes straight from each store or depot

Stay updated with the live status of your deliveries

Seeking confirmed acknowledgment from your clients? Enable delivery verification options to obtain a signature, photo, or a straightforward delivery note

Access comprehensive reports on your routes

Obtain in-depth analyses and overviews of each route, including assessments of order fulfillment and current order statuses

Compatible with 10+ languages

Choose your preferred language for the tool; we're regularly expanding our language options to cater to all users

ın whıch sectors is it used
Optimize your logistics operations with Goya Mobile Route Planner. Our mobile-friendly, fast, and smart solution will expedite your delivery processes, reduce fuel costs, and enhance customer satisfaction. Easily handle route planning and optimization with Goya and achieve success.

In which sectors is it used ?

  1. Optimization of routes for electricity, water, and natural gas meter readings.

  2. Dry cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning services.

  3. Health services: Patient examinations or care visits.

  4. Sales and marketing services: Customer visits and product distribution.

  5. Supply chain route planning.

  6. Special courier services.

  7. Cargo services: Package delivery or collection.

  8. On-site installation, maintenance, repair services: Air conditioning, white goods, electronics repair, maintenance, and installation.

  9. Tourism: Planning of touristic services, creation of travel routes.

  10. Food delivery: Delivery of food by motorcycle courier.

  11. Personnel and student transportation: Planning of service routes.

  12. Daily milk, fresh fruit-vegetable, bottled water sales and delivery.

  13. Optimization of garbage collection routes.

  14. Aid services: Distribution of aid packages or meals by municipalities or associations.



I've been using this service for a few months now, and it's been a game changer for my business. The efficiency and accuracy in deliveries have significantly improved. Highly recommend!

David Smith

Absolutely thrilled with the customer support! Had an issue and it was resolved quickly. Plus, the user interface is so easy to navigate. Makes my daily tasks a lot simpler.

Maria Rodriguez

This app has streamlined our operations like never before. The real-time tracking feature is a lifesaver. Seeing such positive feedback from our clients too. Great job!

Ahmed Al-Mansoor


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