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Unveil the Future of Route Planner with Goya!

Set Your Starting Point, Define Your Team, Add Your Stops, and Optimize Your Route! Simplify your planning process with Goya Route Planner and discover the perfect route experience. Manage every step with ease, save time, and increase your efficiency

  • Redefine Your Routes with Goya: Efficient Planning, Unlimited Possibilities!
  • Set Your Paths in Goya: Fast, Smart, and Suitable for Every Route
  • Optimize Every Stop with Goya: Save Time, Boost Efficiency!

Optimize Your Routes


  • Efficiency on the Road with Goya: Customized Solutions for Every Route, Every Vehicle
  • Every Route a Masterpiece: Safe and Smart Routes with Goya
  • Goya's Roadmap: Avoid Traffic, Save Time, Reach Your Destination!

Design Your Route with Your Own Rules with Goya Route Planning! Whether you drive a car, truck, bike, walk, or ride a motorcycle - with Goya, you can determine the most ideal route for every vehicle. Avoid busy traffic, and reach your destination on time and safely. Customize your route according to the unique needs of your business and plan the most effective journey.

Goya doesn't just move you from one point to another, it turns your journey into an art form. From tunnels to bridges, seasonal roads to toll routes, even considering U-turns - we think of every detail. While optimizing your business processes efficiently, all that’s left for you is to enjoy the ride. With Goya, every journey is a journey of efficiency!

Live Tracking for Real-Time

Instantly Discover the Location of Your Staff and Accelerate Your Operations: Track Every Move of Your Teams in Real Time with Goya Route Planning's Live Tracking System! With this innovative feature, enhance the efficiency of your field staff, strengthen customer satisfaction, and manage your business processes more effectively. Take staff monitoring to the next level with Goya and achieve holistic improvement in your workflow!


  • Instant Information, Instant Impact: Discover Real-Time Live Tracking with Goya!
  • Transform Your Team Management: Stay in Control at Every Step with Goya's Real-Time Live Tracking!
  • Make Every Moment Count: Optimize Your Time with Goya's Real-Time Live Tracking!


Effortless Stop Addition with Goya's Versatile Tools!

Adding Stops with Goya Route Planning is a Breeze! Whether you add your stops via Excel, manually on the map, using e-tables, or through integration features, the process is straightforward and user-friendly. Save time and simplify your route planning process with this flexible approach. We offer a quick and effective stop-adding experience suitable for all types of businesses. Elevate your route planning to the next level with Goya and seamlessly integrate your workflow, allowing you to focus more on business and spend less time on planning!

  • Quick Planning, Seamless Journey: Easily Add Your Stops with Goya!
  • Every Step Under Control with Goya: Flexibility and Ease in Adding Stops!
  • Enrich Your Routes with Goya: Adding Stops, Now Smarter and Faster!


Proof of Delivery

Seamlessly Monitor Every Delivery with Goya Route Planning's Advanced 'Proof of Delivery' Feature! This feature enhances the accuracy and reliability of your delivery processes, maximizing customer satisfaction. Keep a complete and accurate record of every delivery with real-time photos, signatures, and location data. Gain full control and transparency over every step of your deliveries, offering your customers an exceptional service experience. Redefine your delivery management and optimize your workflows more effectively with Goya Route Planning.

  • Tracking Every Delivery: Secure and Verified Deliveries with Goya!
  • Monitor Your Deliveries with the Assurance of Goya: Accuracy and Transparency at Every Step!
  • Goya Proof of Delivery: Ushering in a New Era of Customer Satisfaction!


Pay As You Use

Keep Your Costs Under Control with Goya Route Planning: Our 'Pay As You Use' Approach Offers a Route Planning Experience Perfectly Tailored to Your Business Needs. This model enhances your business's cost efficiency by ensuring you only pay for the features and services you use. Whether you're a small business or a large corporation, get only what you need and pay just for that. This flexible payment structure adapts to your business's changing needs and helps avoid unnecessary expenses. With Goya, manage your budget more wisely and maximize your business's growth potential.

  • Smart Payment, Smart Planning: With Goya, Pay Only for What You Use!
  • Cut Costs, Boost Efficiency with Goya: Get Exactly What You Pay For!
  • Flexible Payment, Flexible Planning: At Goya, Pay As Much As You Use!
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