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Best Rural Routes for Cycling

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Rural journeys by bike are an excellent way to find peace and explore nature. In this article, we will share the most beautiful rural routes for cyclists and tips on how to enjoy these routes.

The Charm of Rural Routes

  1. Natural Beauties: Rural routes offer extraordinary natural views.

  2. Peace and Calm: Provides a quiet experience away from the noise and crowds of cities.

  3. Physical and Mental Health: Being in touch with nature is beneficial to both physical and mental health.

Route Selection Tips

  1. Researching Road Conditions: Get information about the ground condition, slope and distance of the routes.

  2. Taking the Season into Consideration: Choosing the route according to the season provides a more comfortable ride.

  3. Discovering Local Features: Discover local features, historical places and natural beauties along the route.

Safety and Preparedness

  1. Right Equipment: The appropriate bike type and necessary accessories make your trip safer and more enjoyable.

  2. Adequate Water and Food: Carry enough water and energizing foods with you for long rides.

  3. Emergency Plans: Be prepared for a possible malfunction or emergency.

Recommended Rural Routes

  1. Mountainous Areas: Mountainous routes with sloping roads and magnificent views.

  2. Routes Near Rivers and Lakes: River banks and lake surroundings offer calm and serene routes.

  3. Historical Village Roads: Villages and old roads with historical texture provide a cultural experience.


Rural journeys by bicycle offer the opportunity to discover the unique beauties offered by nature. With the right preparation and planning, these trips can turn into both safe and unforgettable memories. Enjoy wherever your pedals take you!

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