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City Tour by Bicycle: Safe Route Planning Suggestions

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City tour by bike is both a fun and environmentally friendly activity. However, it is important to plan the correct route to ensure your safety and have a pleasant experience while cycling in the city. Here are safe route planning suggestions for a city tour by bicycle:

1. Use Bike Paths and Lanes

When cycling in the city, first choose bicycle paths and lanes. These roads are generally separated from motor vehicle traffic and are safer for cyclists.

2. Consider Traffic Density

When planning a route, try to choose roads with less traffic density. Roads with heavy traffic may be riskier for cyclists.

3. Go Through Parks and Green Spaces

If possible, use roads closed to traffic, such as parks and green areas. These areas offer both a safer and more enjoyable driving experience.

4. Pay Attention to Intersection and Turning Rules

When cycling in the city, be extra careful at intersections and turns. Drive safely by obeying traffic signs and rules.

5. Increase Your Visibility

Increase your visibility by using reflective materials and lights on your bike. This way you will be noticed more easily by other road users.

6. Practice Safe Driving Techniques

When cycling in the city, keep your speed under control and avoid sudden movements. Maintain a safe distance from other vehicles and pedestrians.

7. Take Advantage of Maps and Navigation Tools

When cycling around the city, plan your route using maps or navigation applications. These tools help you find the safest and fastest routes.


When taking a city tour by bicycle, planning a safe route ensures the safety of both you and other road users. The suggestions above include the points you should pay attention to when cycling in the city. I wish you safe and enjoyable driving!

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