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How is Security Provided in Logistics? | Goya Route Planning

How is Security Provided in Logistics? | Goya Route Planning

Safety in logistics is a very important detail. Logistics processes can be very dangerous in terms of occupational safety. There are various risks at all stages, from the storage itself to the transportation of the cargo itself. Therefore, it is very important to follow some safety tips in logistics to avoid accidents.

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Safety Tips in Logistics

Create Security Rules

Establishing safety rules in logistics companies is the basis for reducing the number of accidents in any company with a high risk level. It is necessary to create a mindset that starts from the top, where company leaders and managers set an example to employees. At this stage, issues such as continuous improvement of workplace safety processes, compliance with existing laws, preventive actions, organizational learning, internal training, efficient communication, transparency and trust become important.

Identify Risky Sectors and Processes

For the sake of security in logistics, risky sectors and processes should be identified. The second safety tip in logistics is to map the sectors to find the different precautions that should be taken according to the risks. A good plan must be made to understand what actions will be required. For example, if we are talking about safety in transport logistics, the details to consider are the risks associated with the driver and vehicles.

Train the Team

Reducing the accidents caused by human error is possible thanks to the training and qualification of the employees. For example, some rules should be determined for the safety of truck drivers. In addition, it is imperative to instruct them on the precautions to be taken while driving, such as not paying attention to the road, using a mobile phone while driving, speeding, braking hard, and engaging in irresponsible behavior.

Invest in Revision and Preventive Maintenance

If accidents are not caused by human error, they are caused by vehicles and equipment. Investing in preventive maintenance is essential and the costs are lower than the costs associated with accidents that may be the responsibility of the company. Attention should be paid to the characteristics of each vehicle and other details. Therefore, you should determine which vehicles are suitable for transportation and which ones need maintenance and take action accordingly. Thus, security in logistics will be ensured.

How is Security Provided in Logistics? | Goya Route Planning


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