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Intercity Route Planning Guide for Cyclists

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The bicycle is an excellent tool not only for urban transportation but also for intercity journeys. Intercity journeys by bicycle offer both an adventurous and healthy experience. This guide details how cyclists can plan intercity routes.

The Importance of Route Planning

  1. Safety: A well-planned route should include safe roads away from traffic.

  2. Accommodation: For long-distance cycling trips, accommodation and rest areas must be determined in advance.

  3. Road Conditions: Road condition, season and weather conditions should be taken into account in route planning.

Effective Route Planning Strategies

  1. Doing Research: Do research on bike paths, traffic conditions and rest points along the planned route.

  2. Consider the Season and Weather: Seasonal conditions and weather may affect your route and travel dates.

  3. Roadside Assistance and Emergency Plans: Prepare roadside assistance and emergency plans for possible malfunctions or emergencies.

Travel Tips

  1. Required Equipment: Keep necessary equipment with you, such as repair kits, spare parts, water and energizing foods.

  2. Rest and Nutrition: Adequate rest and healthy nutrition help you maintain your energy on long cycling trips.

  3. Discover Cultural and Natural Areas: Exploring cultural and natural areas along the route can make your journey more meaningful and enjoyable.


Intercity cycling travel can turn into an unforgettable adventure with the right planning and preparation. Stay safe on your journey, explore your surroundings and enjoy the journey!

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