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Long Trips by Car: Route Planning and Rest Tips

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Long journeys, especially those taken by car, can be both exciting and challenging. Correct route planning and adequate rest are very important for your journey to be both comfortable and safe. In this article, we share the basic tips you need to know before going on a long car journey.

Route Planning

  1. Do Detailed Research: Determining the most suitable route for your journey is the first step to a successful trip. Examine alternative routes to your destination and consider factors such as traffic conditions and roadworks.

  2. Determine the Stops in Advance: Determine the rest facilities, gas stations and eating and drinking places on the road in advance. This way, you can plan when to stop and how long to rest.

  3. Check the Weather: Checking the weather before you hit the road can prevent you from encountering surprise weather conditions.

Recreation and Health

  1. Regular Breaks: Staying behind the wheel for a long time can cause both physical and mental fatigue. Taking a break every 2-3 hours helps you focus and feel more rested.

  2. Healthy Snacks and Water: Healthy snacks and adequate water consumption during the trip will help you maintain your energy.

  3. Pay Attention to Your Sleeping Pattern: Getting a good sleep the night before you hit the road will help you combat insomnia and fatigue during the trip.

Safety Tips

  1. Don't Neglect Vehicle Maintenance: Make sure you have all the maintenance done on your vehicle before you hit the road. Perform basic checks such as tire pressures, oil level and brakes.

  2. Check Safety Equipment: Make sure your safety equipment such as first aid kit, spare tire, vehicle triangle are complete and in working order.

  3. Obey the Law: Obeying traffic rules and speed limits is essential for the safety of both you and other road users.


A long car journey can turn into an enjoyable experience with good planning and the right preparation. Plan your route carefully, get enough rest, and always keep safety a priority. Have a nice trip!

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