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Nature Tour by Bicycle: The Most Beautiful Routes

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A nature tour by bicycle is both a physical and spiritual journey that takes you to the heart of nature. There are many amazing routes to explore by bike around the world. Here are the most beautiful routes selected from around the world for cycling enthusiasts:

1. Danube Cycle Path, Europe

The Danube Cycling Path, one of the most popular cycling routes in Europe, starts from Germany and extends to the Black Sea. Along this route, you can discover fascinating river views, picturesque towns and rich cultural heritage.

2. La Route Verte, Canada

La Route Verte, located in the Canadian province of Québec, is one of the longest bicycle routes in the world. This route, full of lush green forests, quiet lakes and charming villages, is an ideal choice for nature lovers.

3. Great Divide Mountain Bike Route, North America

This route along the Rocky Mountains offers cyclists challenging climbs and breathtaking views. This route is the perfect challenge for adventure-seeking cyclists.

4. Otago Central Rail Trail, New Zealand

This historic railway line in New Zealand's Otago region now offers a great route for cyclists. This road, full of gold mines, old tunnels and bridges, is a unique experience for both history and nature lovers.

5. Shimanami Kaido, Japan

Connecting Hiroshima and Ehime prefectures, this route covers the islands in the Seto Inland Sea. This road, full of turquoise sea views and Japanese culture, is ideal for a peaceful cycling tour.

6. Tuscany, Italy

This famous region of Italy is known for its lush hills, historic cities and world-class wines. Exploring the beauties of Tuscany by bicycle offers an unforgettable experience.

7. West Coast Wilderness Trail, New Zealand

This route along New Zealand's West Coast is filled with rainforests, mountainous landscapes and wilderness. This route is a perfect option for cyclists who want to be in touch with nature.

8. Provence, France

Full of lavender fields, old villages and sunny hills, Provence is an idyllic destination for cyclists. This region offers both visual and cultural richness.


Nature tours by bicycle are a great opportunity to discover the unique beauties in different corners of the world. These routes invite you to integrate with nature and enjoy the pure pleasure of cycling.

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