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What is Combined Transport? | Goya Route Planner

What is Combined Transport? | Goya Route Planning

Combined transportation is one of the applications frequently used in the logistics industry. Access to global markets has become even easier with developing transportation opportunities. The fact that the trade is carried out globally has brought the interest in the transportation sector to a higher point. The combined transportation method has been implemented for companies to safely transport their cargo and goods at low cost.

What Does Combined Transport Mean?

Standard transport techniques take different forms. Combined transportation, unlike air, sea and road, provides multiple transportation. Multimodal transport has many advantages. It is one of the most used techniques in the international transportation of goods. In this type of transport system, at least two different routes are used. These can be rail, air, sea and road.

What are the Advantages of Combined Transport?

With combined transportation, it is possible to gain many different advantages. These benefits apply to both the sender and the receiver. The area where combined transport offers the most advantages is the economy. Nevertheless, combined transportation manages to create benefits in various areas, as it helps to complete processes quickly and quickly.

With this transportation style, it is possible to transport goods and loads with high weight. In combined transportation, first of all, an economic advantage is obtained. The method, which reduces logistics costs, provides time, cost and labor savings as it enables the transportation of loads in more than one way. Depending on the weight, type and type of the products to be transported, the most appropriate transportation method can be determined.

Due to combined transportation, tolls and expenses paid at crossing points such as bridges are eliminated. If railway or seaway is to be preferred, it is ensured that goods and loads are transported without any damage with safe equipment.

What are the Combined Transport Types?

Combined transportation types are also closely related to the logistics industry. This transport model is examined in two different subgroups. These are:

· Intermodal transportation: Its most distinctive feature is the use of containers in processes. Goods and loads to be transferred are transported via containers.

· Multimodal transportation: It is a form of transportation that requires the use of various vehicles to deliver the goods to the destination. Its purpose is to reduce logistics costs and delivery times.

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