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What is Transfer Transport? | Goya Route Planning

What is Transfer Transport? | Goya Route Planning

What is Transfer Transport?

The internet, which stands out not only for individual shopping but also for mass shopping, has also enabled global transportation to reach a different dimension. Transfer transportation, with its general definition, is a highly flexible and highly efficient transportation method preferred in global trade. This transport requires a multi-stage and comprehensive process.

Classical transportation processes differ according to the countries and regions where the logistics will take place. As Indirect freight is actually a global practice, it can be done in accordance with international rules. Indirect transportation is carried out in a wide area. For this reason, the process continues not only in the places where the shipment is provided, but also in the transit countries where the continuity of the shipment is. Especially in places like our country with a strong geopolitical position, transit transportation is used intensively. Customs issues play an important role in this transportation. The goods that will pass through the customs must have the documents required by the relevant country.

What are the Types of Indirect Transport?

Transferred freight transport types ensure that requests and demands are met effectively. These logistics systems, which have different methods, offer different features depending on many factors. Types of indirect transportation can be explained as follows:

· Transport via air transport

· Indirect transport by road

· Transport via seaway

· Transit transport by rail

What Advantages Does Intermediate Freight Provide?

Indirect freight transportation brings many different advantages. In this method, which encourages the transportation of goods and cargo between countries, customs applications are completed very quickly. The vehicles of the companies, which hold various documents showing that they are carrying out indirect transportation, pass through the customs quickly. This makes it possible for goods and loads to be delivered to the other party on time.

When transferring freight, goods and loads are transported with ideal packaging and protection techniques. Products transported by rail and sea are usually placed in containers so that they are not damaged during the journey.

What is Transfer Transport? | Goya Route Planning


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